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Miler Spirits portfolio

Portfolio - Miler Spirits


MILER Spirits vodka is perfect for tasting without any additives at a temperature of 6-8°C, as well as with appetizers such as high-quality tartare, sausages or interestingly served herrings.

The above photos were taken in restaurants that cooperate with us. If you are an owner of a restaurant and want to create the history of the MILER Spirits brand with us, please contact us by e-mail at:

Tomasz Miler on the philosophy of Miler Spirits

Potato vodka holds a special place in our distilling traditions because internationally it is often associated with Poland. There is no doubt that the region of Poland which potatoes are often associated with is Greater Poland, where distilling traditions are also well-established. Potato spirit, which is expensive to produce, differs in its organoleptic properties from grain spirit. Sensory experts believe that potato distillates are less spicy and have a distinct creaminess and sweetness.

Distribution network - specialty retailers

B2B offer - Miler Spirits

B2B offer

If you want to join the group of distributors of Miler Spirits brand alcohols, please contact us at or telephone number +48 735 975 212.

MILER Spirits vodka at wedding receptions

MILER Spirits vodka at wedding receptions

After the first wedding receptions with Miler Spirits vodka, it turned out that wedding guests loved us. Of course, Miler vodka could never compete in price with mid- and upper-mid range brands, but many young couples pointed out that this type of vodka is simply a great ice-breaker between both sides of the family and wedding guests who do not yet know each other. It’s because handwritten labels, origin, and a rare source of sugar - potato - simply provoke discussion. We also know from experience that wedding guests also pay attention to the fact that this vodka is something new and unique. If you want MILER Spirits vodka to grace your celebration, write to us:

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